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2023-2024 Gator Cash Fundraising Campaign
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much should I donate?
A: That is entirely up to you! To provide some guidance, the PTO spends roughly $74 per child each year to cover the basic costs of field trips, class parties, educational materials, classroom support and supplies. In our donation tier chart, we have included our suggested level, the $60 Garage Access. We understand each family’s ability to donate varies. Some are able to donate more and others less, so we welcome donations of any size! No contribution is too big or too small. Please donate what you can.

Q: Does the Gator Cash campaign replace all other fundraising activities at Sienna Crossing?
A: No, but Gator Cash does replace ALL product-based fundraising like wrapping paper sales, cookie dough sales, etc. With those fundraisers, schools typically only receive ~ 40% of the revenue generated. By running our Gator Cash campaign, SCE receives 100% of the funds, and our children (and parents) don’t have to sell a thing! Other fundraisers such as spirit wear
sales, restaurant spirit nights make up the rest of the funds needed for school and student support.

Q. What is GatorPalooza? I thought that was a fundraiser?
A: It is! GatorPalooza is our annual spring carnival and silent auction fundraiser hosted by the PTO. Whereas Gator Cash and our fundraisers cover most of the day-to-day expenses of the PTO’s school support activities (classroom supplies, class parties, staff appreciation, operating expenses, etc.), GatorPalooza profits are gifted to SCE and primarily used for special projects.

Q: Is my Gator Cash contribution tax deductible? If so, will I get a donation receipt for tax reporting purposes?
A: Yes. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Tax receipt letters are available upon request.

Q: Does my Gator Cash contribution include my PTO membership dues?
A: Yes! Your Voting PTO Membership is included with a donation of at least $15!

Q: How do I find out if my place of work will match my Gator Cash contribution?
A: Contact your company's HR department (or look on your company's HR website) to understand their policy regarding matching grants. Many companies do have a matching program and will match your contribution dollar for dollar! So make sure to check with your employer. It is a really easy way to maximize your contribution to the PTO and your child's education.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions about Gator Cash?
A: Kaylee Farchy is the VP2 of SCEPTO and oversees the fundraising campaign. For questions, please email her at

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