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Upcoming Birthdays!


9/3: Mrs. Dumlao
9/6: Ms. Shah
9/13: Mrs. Socha
9/13: Mrs. Holland
9/14: Mrs. Underwood

9/19: Mrs. Bradley

9/21: Mrs. Geter
9/25: Mrs. Cerone
10/4: Mrs. Johnson
10/13: Mrs. Montalbano
10/19: Mrs. D. Terry
10/28: Mrs. Thomas
10/27: Mrs. Bernazal


Celebrate your student's BIRTHDAY with a message on the SCE marquee and support the SCE PTO at the same time!


 Don't Forget to log        your off-site     Volunteer  hours!

Background Check 

All volunteers MUST complete a NEW background check for the 2023-2024 school year.

Gator Cash Winners_edited.jpg

Gator Cash has reached a triumphant conclusion! First and foremost, the PTO extends its heartfelt gratitude to all of you parents! We are fortunate to have such an exceptional parent community, one that steadfastly supports all that we do, particularly fundraisers like Gator Cash. Truly, we couldn't have achieved this without your unwavering support.Your contributions made a big & meaningful difference!

Participation point donations are closed but we are still pulling in our monetary donation numbers and will have the RESULTS in on FRIDAY! We know everyone is eager to know who took FIRST PLACE in the 2023 Gator Cash Race!

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