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Sienna Crossing students were welcomed back to school with a presentation by SkyDome Planetarium, where they learned about our solar system and Greek mythological characters.  Thank you to PTO's Renee Leung for organizing the event and helping our Navigators continue to Reach for the Stars!


Birthday Marquee

Celebrate your student's birthday with a special message on the SCE marquee and support the SCE PTO at the same time!  Dates are filling up fast.  

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Last Day is
January 31st!!

Upcoming Birthdays!


1/10 Ms. Barrow

1/10 Mr. Hall

1/15 Ms. Timmons

1/26 Mr. Lowe

1/30 Ms. Robles


2/3 Ms. Weber

2/3 Ms. Velasquez

2/9 Nurse Andrews

2/12 Ms. Valadez

2/15 Ms. Robinson

2/18 Ms. Taylor-Brown

2/21 Ms. Calvert

2/21 Ms. Farris

2/21 Ms. Warnken

2/25 Ms. Chandler

2/25 Ms. Simonsen


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